What to Avoid When Looking for Off Road Caravans for Sale

  • 24 May

When searching for off road caravans, there are various factors and considerations you should include in your search. Many different aspects can contribute to a successful purchase, but more importantly, there are aspects that can result in an unhappy purchase. This blog post from Ezytrail Camper Trailers explores what you should avoid when looking for off road caravans for sale.

Incorrectly Placed Electrics and Wiring

One of the biggest red flags when buying off roads caravans is evidence of wiring and electrics that haven’t been correctly placed. Ensure that you look at off road caravans that don’t place their electrics in vulnerable places where they can become easily damaged. For example, placing battery chargers or emergency units in the tunnel boot can potentially damage them when other goods are knocking against them.

Poor Sealants

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert to know how well a caravan is sealed when looking at off road caravans for sale. If the caravan looks like it’s been excessively or poorly sealed, it’s likely you’ll end up being dissatisfied with your purchase. This is a clear way to tell whether the caravan has been manufactured by somebody that knows what they’re doing, as proper sealants will be applied neatly and adequately.

Noticeable and Exposed Hazards

One of the most dangerous things to look out for when buying off road caravans is exposed wiring or plumbing, as these can be dangerous hazards. Look for off road caravans that have hidden wiring and plumbing to prevent accidents and damage from occurring.

The Wrong Tyres

Identify where you’ll be driving your caravan and ensure you choose one that has the right tyres for the job. For example, it might seem like a good idea to select mud tyres when looking for off road caravans for sale, but mud tyres aren’t very good for on-road driving. The tyres you choose should therefore be chosen carefully depending on where you’ll be driving. Get in touch with Ezytrail Camper Trailers today for further advice and assistance when looking for off road caravans.

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