Trailer Care and Maintainence

  • 23 Apr

Pre-trip and Daily checklist.

The most important part of caring for your trailers starts before you even setup. Having a departure checklist in your head such as the one I use below can save hundreds of dollars in lost or damaged items. It’s a simple, no cost tip that everybody should use.

1. Hitch connected
2. Chains connected
3. Plug connected
4. Jockey wheel stowed
5. Hand brake released
6. Doors/tailgate locked
7. Lights functioning

A quick walk around your trailer before departure ensures you are safe to travel from the get-go and have a trouble free drive to your destination.

Tent pole mechanics

From time to time, you will have to replace one or more of the attachments on your tent or annexe poles. Sometimes, being limited by the tools you have will mean you are unable to get the job done. Below are some tips on replacing C-clips, spigots and thumb screws.

Our C-clips come in 2 sizes – 19mm and 22mm. It is a good idea to have a couple of spares as these are frequently used and can be damaged if dropped or stored incorrectly. Normally when replacing a C-clip, they need to be tapped out from behind. You can do this by finding a small diameter pole that is longer in length, inserting it into the outer pole tube and tamping it on firm ground until the inner nyloc block becomes dislodged. Now all you have to do it locate the new C-clip and tap it into the seated position. A neat trick for this is to clip it over a pole that is laying on the ground, located the empty tube over the back of the C-clip and tap the upright pole until it is seated.

Spigots are used to attach your annexe and locate your ridge poles at the outside of the annexe and are easily identified by their straight or right angled shaft. They can become damaged by overtensioning of the roof poles or accidental collapsing of the annexe. Although they are used frequently, these fittings are generally harder to damage and require replacement less often. The same process for replacing C-clips can be used for replacing spigots. If you cannot find a longer, smaller diameter pole in your tent pole kit for removing the remaining broken nylon block; don’t worry! You can simply tap the broken section deeper into the inner pole using whatever you can get your hands on and you local Ezytrail dealer can remove it at a later date for you.

Thumb screws are used for holding your pole height or length at it’s required location and are quite easy to replace if required. They are quite robust and will not require regular replacement. To replace a thumb screw assembly, simply dismantle the pole by removing the inner tube and remove the thumb screw completely followed by the threaded plate. Replace and reassemble the thumb screw in the reverse order. If you need to replace a thumb screw on a pole that is mounted to the bed frame, you will first have to remove the mounting bolt using 13mm spanners or sockets.

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