Top tips to teach your kids to love camping

  • 23 Apr

Camping is a wonderful and cost conscious way to spend quality time with your family. But sometimes it becomes all too clear that it can be difficult for things to run smoothly with children, especially when it is all new to them! We got thinking that there must be a better way. By getting you children involved in all aspects of camping and teaching them about the beauty and unique environment of Australia, not only can you improve your own time with your kids, but you will bestow the gift of a love of the outdoors that will result in many wonderful memories in their lives to come.

There are many tasks and activities that you can include your kids in, no matter how small. So we came up with a list of top tips to get you started on turning budding mini-campers into little experts in no time!

1.Get kids involved with setup
One of the most time-consuming aspects of camping is the setup and pack up. It is a smart idea to have a number of safe and simple tasks for children to assist you with. Some ideas could include using a (kid-safe) soft mallet to help finish knocking in pegs,p unpacking food into the kitchen or taking things out of the car ready for setup. If you want to take camping to the next level, it makes sense to use a camper trailer for your family. This means that setup will be the same each time, and your little campers will be able to have a list of tasks that remains the same each time you go away.

2.Camp in comfort with a camping trailer
An easy way to make camping a fun and rewarding experience is to use a camper trailer for your family trips. These can save you lots of time and demonstrate to your kids that camping doesn’t need to take hours of setup and pack up time. There are many options, from soft floor camper trailers to deluxe camper trailers to choose from. They can also provide a more comfortable and restful sleep so you have boundless energy for the day’s activities.

3.Ask budding chefs to help cook up a storm
A task that can often be a lot of fun while camping is cooking in the great outdoors. Get the kids involved by giving them tasks like mixing, spreading and chopping things (for older children). If you have teens you can even get them cooking over the hotplate. Camper trailers have excellent kitchen set-ups that make cooking very user-friendly and perfect for getting the kids involved.

4.Go on a natural scavenger hunt
A wonderful idea once you have set up your camper trailer is to have a natural scavenger hunt set up for your children. Tasks to help them to explore the natural environment around them are a fun and easy way to get them engaged in their surroundings. Try questions like:
“Find and collect three brown things” , “Watch a bird and draw a picture of it” for example. The first person to complete all the question wins!

5.Have some fantastic games up your sleeve
When all else fails, have some games that require little up your sleeve for those moments when you need to entertain your children. Try eye spy with little ones, and always pack a deck of cards for the older children to learn some simple card games.

Have another never-fail tip to teach children to love camping?

Add it in the comments below!

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