Top Reasons to Travel in Off Road Caravans

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome in the warmer weather, more of us are more inclined to get out and do some travelling across the country. And one of the best ways to experience Australia is to get off the beaten track in your own off road caravan. Experienced Grey Nomads across the country have long known the benefits of travelling in off road caravans, and now you can discover them too.

Key Characteristics of an Off Road Caravan

Before you start searching for off road caravans for sale, it’s important to understand the features of this type of caravan so you can better appreciate the benefits.

As the name suggests, an off road caravan is designed and built to take off the grid so you can experience areas of Australia you might not otherwise be able to experience in a semi off road caravan. Off road caravans are built higher for better ground clearance and offer notably better suspension in order to counteract bumpier travelling surfaces.

Three Reasons to Check Out Off Road Caravans for Sale

With hundreds of caravan parks located across Australia, it’s easy to book sites when you’re planning a trip. However, staying at a caravan park can get expensive if your planned stay coincides with school holidays or other periods that are in high demand. Fortunately, an off road caravan gives you the freedom to camp where you please (within reason), saving money on accommodation costs.

That freedom is another benefit within itself, with well designed and constructed off road caravans for sale able to travel almost anywhere. The higher ground clearance and improved suspension enable you to take your vehicle off the beaten track without causing unwanted damage either to the caravan or your four wheel drive.

Off road caravans also come with a lot more space and room to move, as they’re designed for long term travellers who might be looking for somewhere to rest their head on a more frequent basis than just a quick weekend here and there.

If you’ve been searching for a travelling caravan that’s durable and packed full of features, there’s never been a better time to check out the range of off road caravans for sale at Ezytrail Camper Trailers. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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