Top 5 Camping Spots in Western Australia

  • 23 Apr

Looking for a fantastic night out full of gorgeous views and good old fashion camping fun with your special lady or a group of friends? There is no better place to go than the fantastic parks and beaches in Western Australia!

We all love taking a break and unwind from busy office days by going outdoors for a long weekend. Whether you are heading out for some extreme sports like rock climbing or base jumping or an easier paced hike and camp side lounging, going out for a weekend camping is mesmerising. We have five beautiful locations to enjoy in beautiful Western Australia with your family and friends.

Top 5 Spots to Enjoy!

1.Located in the center of the Hamersley Ranges, Karijini National Park offers a plethora of fantastic views and activities. Once you are there, enjoy its enormous waterfalls, emerald pools and accessible walking trails and gorges. If you are worried about being able to see the sites due to physical limitations, then this parks’ wild landscapes will still be accessible to you!

2.Camp Le Ground National Park will give you the beautiful Australia experience you have been craving for. Wanting to be immersed in beautiful white sandy beaches, see kangaroos hopping around your campsite and catch some waves? This beautiful park will give you access to all your favorite aquatic sports, and can be easily accessed with our hard floor camper trailers!

3.Not really down to be roughing it, but still want to see a gorgeous camping spot? Margaret River might be the perfect place for you. With its delicious wines and romantic lighthouses you are guaranteed to enjoy an escape with a loved one. Gourmet wine and food trips can be booked for a beautiful weekend outdoors while still feeling at home.

4. Looking to have some 4WD adventures in our off road certified camping trailers? We suggest checking out Sandy Cape for some fun times! The white sand and gorgeous water will not only provide great swimming but also some fun fishing areas! It’s a great place to kick back with the kids.

5.When you’re looking for a diverse scenery that really sums up the beautiful sites in Australia, try going to Fitzgerald River National Park. You will see fields of wildflowers, beautiful beaches, and a peak out into the oceans, seeing the whales traveling along Point Ann. There are plenty of camping spots to be found, and the facilities are up to par, so even your most squeamish camper is sure to enjoy the full weekend!

No matter where you choose to go, Western Australia is full of breath taking sites, camping, and outdoor sports for you and your loved one to discover. Enjoying these sites can require off road trailers and camping equipment, but the gear is worth the views and the joy that your family is bound to feel after a weekend in the wild.

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