Tips for Packing for a Camper Trailer Trip Across Australia

acking for a camping trailer trip can be an exciting but overwhelming prospect. Before you begin, it’s important to realise that it’s not just about what you pack, but how you pack it. You’ll also need to prioritise the essentials that will ensure your travels are safe and comfortable. Here are four tips for packing camper trailers for trips across Australia.

Be Organised

When planning a camper trailer trip, it’s vital to be organised so your journey will run smoothly with little stress or hassle. Stay organised by writing a list of equipment that your trip depends on, including kitchen, bathroom and camping necessities. Sort all items into two different groups: things you’ll often need often, and things you’ll only use occasionally. Plan to pack the most used items in an area that’s easily accessible. Remember to also pack emergency items such as a spare tyre, extra rope and spare tent pegs. Once you’ve packed each item, make sure you tick it off your list. This minimises the chances of missing an item or packing the same item twice.

Pack Heavy Things First

After writing a checklist, it’s time to pack your camper trailer. Place all heavy items like outdoor furniture evenly on the trailer floor. This will help distribute the overall weight of the trailer and make it easier to tow. Remember to not over-pack, as space will be limited. Plus the lighter camping trailers are, the better they’ll tow and the less fuel you’ll use.

Bring Suitable Clothing

Despite the necessary kitchen, bathroom and camping items, you must also think what clothing items you’ll need to bring on your trip across Australia. It’s essential to pack a range of clothes that suit different climates. Travel light, as this will allow you to pack more quickly and efficiently when you’re moving between destinations. To maximise the space available, roll your clothes up and place socks inside of your shoes. Also remember that you can always purchase cheap items in local towns.

Think About Night Time

At night time, the weather across Australia can get cold, necessitating an outdoor fire to keep you warm and allow you to cook food. The first thing you need to do is check with campsite management to ensure you’re allowed to build a campfire. Then to build your fire, you need to have an axe, newspaper, firelighters and matches. Without these materials, you won’t be able to stay warm and enjoy the great outdoors at night time.

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