The Chinese Camper Trailer Paradigm

I have over the past several years read in reputable print magazines, online forums and Facebook pages frequent misleading claims of origin and engineering by the multitude of Camper Trailer Brands in the Australian Market, well I’m here to dispel that myth and hopefully shed some light on some of these outrageous claims.

First of all, let me state “Ezytrail is an importer of Camper Trailers from China to the Australian Market”, so we have first-hand experience of what happens and the process of obtaining our product from China. No Chinese importer is a manufacturer of these products, we are all re-sellers or to put it bluntly Dealers for these products.

There are around 15-20 reputable manufacturers of Camper Trailers in China of which many have copied the same designs over and over again. Some of these manufacturers have very poor build quality, some mediocre and some exceptional, however none will allow you to come to their factory and change major parts of their “off the shelf” models unless you have the buying capacity to influence this. Ezytrail does and we are one of the very few who have our Chief Engineer spend long periods of time driving both design and change with our major suppliers in China. We have changed over 150 points on our current K Series Trailers since we first started importing them from our supplier Compaks, these changes have benefitted many other smaller imported brands here in Australia and the customers who buy those brands.

Dispelling the common Myths of the Chinese Import Camper Trailer

Myth No. 1

“Our products are unique and we were the first to design them, everyone else copies us”, Did you know? The Rear Fold Hard Floor Camper Trailer is an Australian design from about the mid-1960s, however the Forward Fold Hard Floor Camper trailer was designed in China by the owner of one of the largest Camper Trailer Manufacturers over there.

Myth No. 2

“We have designed our trailers from the ground up”, rubbish, when you visit these factories in China they line their models up out the front or in their factory, you then go through them with their Sales Rep and pick which models you want to import.

Myth No. 3

“Is this Australian Made Canvas or Chinese”, the fact is there is only one company left in Australia who mills their own canvas for use on tents, this company is called Wax Converters Textiles Pty Ltd, even the Iconic Aussie Brand Bradmill import their canvas tent fabric and merely cut and dye it here in Australia. Bradmill canvas is commonly used on one of Australia’s largest Caravan Manufacturers for their Camper trailers and Pop Tops. Fully imported Chinese canvas is used on most major tent manufacturers here in Australia including Oztrail, Coleman, Black Wolf and Primus, to name but a few.

Myth No. 4

“They have poor Customer Service and don’t honour warranty claims”, the truth is it is very hard to claim any form of manufacturer warranty from the suppliers in China, most of this cost must be worn by the re-selling brand in Australia and this is one of the main reasons many brands shirk or dodge and weave their way around such claims. Over the last 18 months as we became a truly national company, Ezytrail has put in place the honouring of warranty claims on top of our Customer Service Policy in an attempt to become the best in the business when it comes to our customers enjoying their purchase.

Myth No. 5

“Chinese imports are cheap knocks offs and not designed for Aussie conditions”, Not true, many Chinese imports have been put through the ringer with reputable experts in print magazine, online videos and on mainstream TV programs such as the Offroad Adventure Show, in all cases our products stand up to the test of surviving the great Aussie outdoors. To say they are cheap knock offs is both wrong and misleading, yes they are cheaper than locally built models and this is not always attributed to lower manufacturing costs, it has a lot to do with the higher margins that many local brands are used to adding on to their cost price. Ezytrail operates at much lower margins due primarily to our volumes and more efficient running costs.

Myth No. 6 (the Final Myth)

“Chinese Imports take jobs away from local manufacturers”, Ezytrail has three assembly plants in Australia, all of which employ labour to build and assemble our trailers, we have over 50 employees’ from Sales Staff and Admin to Graphic Designers and Web builders, Assemblers and Stores Staff throughout our various Branch’s nationwide that make up the Ezytrail Group of companies. We think we are supporting Australian jobs even if many don’t, you can be that judge of that yourselves as we are continuously growing year by year.

In 2017 Ezytrail will celebrate 10 years in the Camper Trailer Industry, we have plans for many more years to come including new products and markets as we move forward to achieving our goal of becoming your “first choice camper trailer” in Australia.
“Did you take an Ezytrail away on your last camping trip? or just another camping trailer”

Thanks for becoming an Ezytrail Customer

Dean Porter
Group General Manager

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