Ezytrail Camper Trailers is an expert when it comes to off road camper trailers. We’ve invested years into learning the industry and selling the best off road camper trailers Australia has to offer in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. These trailers are ideal for when you want to search for a new, secluded spot to set up camp away from the caravan parks and off the beaten path.


Our off road campers for sale boast differing features, with options that are suitable for all tastes and budgets. We have a commitment to providing more options as well as higher quality off road camper trailers to travellers across the country. All of our campers are also easy to hitch, making the range suitable for anyone wanting to head off on a trip!

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Whether you need a family off road camper trailer or a 4x4 camper trailer, we endeavour to continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations when it comes to the quality and available features of our trailers. For the best off road camper trailers available at reasonable prices, contact your local Ezytrail branch today!