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QLD Outdoor Expo

Brake & Clutch Supplies Gatton will have a large range of Ezytrail Caravan & Campers on display at the 2018 Queensland Outdoor Adventure and Motoring Expo is the regions largest event of it’s kind with over 180 local and regional exhibiting companies! 

Gold Coast Caravan & Camping Expo

The 2018 Gold Coast Midyear Caravan and Camping Expo plus Home and Outdoor Living Ideas will take place at the Gold Coast Turf Club and will feature over 180 local, regional and national exhibitors.

Gatton's Annual Show

Find Ezytrail campers on display with Brake & Clutch Supplies Gatton.

Brake & Clutch Supplies Gatton will be exhibiting a wide range of campers and caravans at the annual Gatton Show, On display you can view the :Parkes 15, Lincoln LX Mk2, Stirling LX Mk2 & Stirling GT Mk2, come and see the team for a great deal on one of our off-road models! For more info on our range please visit

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