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What to Look for in Camper Trailers

If you’re looking for camper trailers for sale, you’ll have no shortage different types to choose from. Even if you’ve decided what type of model you want to buy, there are still quite a few things to keep in mind.

Should I Choose Hard or Soft Floor Camper Trailers?

If you’ve been looking at camper trailers for sale and have decided to buy one, you’re going to be faced with an important decision - whether to buy a hard or soft floor camper trailer.

What to Avoid When Looking for Off Road Caravans for Sale

When searching for off road caravans, there are various factors and considerations you should include in your search. Many different aspects can contribute to a successful purchase, but more importantly, there are aspects that can result in an unhappy purchase.

Trailer Care and Maintainence

The most important part of caring for your trailers starts before you even setup. Having a departure checklist in your head such as the one I use below can save hundreds of dollars in lost or damaged items. It’s a simple, no cost tip that everybody should use.

Why You Should Take Your Pooch Camping

It’s funny to think that everybody knows a dog is man’s best friend, but when you want to take your best mate camping, it’s not very easy to find places where your dog will be accepted.

Camping Tip: How to Properly Build a Fire

Camping will never be camping without building a fire. Even if you own one of our awesome camping trailers, you will still need to build a fire for the evening affairs.

Warm up little hands around a campfire with Pulled Lam Vindallo

Bush Tucker delight - Pulled Lamb Vindaloo

Two-Minute ‘Survival’ Bread the Whole Family Will Love

Roam further afield for longer and reduce your reliance on the shops by learning to make your own bread. This quick, easy flatbread recipe is perfect as a base for a variety of campsite meals.

Towing Your Camper Trailer – Tips

You are itching to start your holiday or your retirement with an adventure – a camping adventure to be exact. You’ve been driving for over 20 years.