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The “M Series” Is Coming - Part 1

The “M Series” Is Coming - Part 1

1. Introduction

All camper trailer manufacturers will tell you they have the best product at the most affordable price on the market today but few really do the research & development to back that up. Here at Ezytrail we have over the last 8 years taken inspiration from our own experiences and those of our customers, the ideas needed to develop the next generation in the range of Ezytrail Camper Trailers.

Through competition prices are becoming more affordable so owning your own off road camper trailer is no longer the domain of hard core 4WD enthusiasts, we know your camper trailer should be tough enough to handle the off road conditions you throw at it and it should also be easy to tow without the use of an expensive 4WD but equally as important Ezytrail recognise it should be packed with the options you’d expect from most modern day upmarket caravans. Camping is enjoyed by more & more families each year in fact we have seen a marked increase in the growth of both Caravan Park and free bush camping over the last 10 years, families & grey nomads are starting to realise the potential and comfort a camper trailer offers for a cheap but worthwhile holiday. This has been the inspiration for the latest range of Ezytrail camper trailers we’ve come to call the “M Series”.

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