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Reduce Your Costs: Tips to Lower Repair Costs

Reduce Your Costs: Tips to Lower Repair Costs

Purchasing your own camping trailer opens up a world of endless off-roading possibilities (we are a big fan of the Lincoln LX for this!). But with enjoying regularly the beautiful outback, an even regular repair bill might be presented. Don’t let that stop you though from going to the great outdoors with your friends and family, as we have a few tips ready to minimise those necessary bring-it-all-back-in-good-shape costs. reduce-your-cost1

Lower the cost and raise the value!

Preparing for future maintenance by planning and saving for age related needs such as batteries, pumps, plugs, is a requirement of every vehicle or trailer owner. It will prevent that awkward moment that a certain higher expense ruins an upcoming camping trip. Staying observant for rattling and dragging sounds and have your red flags checked, can reduce the overall repair cost.

Open your vents! When it gets hot, your RV temperature will climb, especially since it is boxed in and can deteriorate the best of materials in your trailer. Have the vents open to create air flow.

Know the lingo, and know the repair needed. reduce-your-cost2Before rushing to your nearest repair shop, define what needs to be repaired. Knowing what needs to be done upfront and being able to communicate it well, will reduce the amount of labor time.

Keeping the fabric dry. Whenever possible, keep it off the ground and keep it dry! Mold will not only make it smell bad, it can also make it unusable or cause holes. Raining happens during camping, and your weathered canvas should be able to withstand the wet. Nevertheless dry it out properly at the earliest possibility.

Wheels and tires. Without them, you won’t get far, thus keeping up maintenance, looking for wear and lubricating weal bearings with heavy grease is needed!

Off road driving. When driving off road, dust and sand are everywhere, and creep into the tiniest spaces. Blocking sand from entry can prevent unscaled repair costs to vents, fridges etc. A camper trailer is as good as how it prevents sand from coming in. Therefore when driving in a dusty or sandy conditions; keep the following golden rules in the front of your mind. For your 4WD, don’t drive too fast and keep a safe distance with the car in front of you. You’re not only avoid sweeping up stones, but you have a much clearer view and intake of air, maximising your engine’s power. Closing your windows and switching off vents will reduce sand intake that can damage filters. Have a few air filters handy. With your trailer, we know we all want to enjoy a fresh drink after a concentrating off-road adventure, but during sandy conditions, simply switch off the fridge cooling vent to prevent additional sand intake. Another useful tip is to adjust all your panel brackets. Making them tighter, will close the panel seals better and keep the sand out of your trailer.

At some point you are going to need to make necessary camper repairs or replace some of your parts. While many can be done yourself, excellent preventative care can keep unforeseen and skyrocketing costs out of your camper fun, you can find our owners manual with care/ maintenance suggestions here.

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