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M-Series Tarwin is coming

M-Series Tarwin is coming

All camper trailer manufacturers will tell you they have the best product at the most affordable price on the market today but few really do the research & development to back that up. Here at Ezytrail we have over the last 8 years taken inspiration from our own experiences and those of our customers, the ideas needed to develop the next generation in the range of Ezytrail Camper Trailers.

You've seen the new "M Series" Buckland now here's a sneak peak of our "M Series" Tarwin. The all new Tarwin range will be available in both standard trailer and for the first time in the Ezytrail lineup the Tarwin SE & Tarwin LX will be a step through model (as pictured). We will be taking pre-orders and hope to have the new "M Series" Tarwin range available around December 2014.

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