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How to Make Camping Enjoyable with Your Kids

How to Make Camping Enjoyable with Your Kids

Camping with your kids is a great way to bond and broaden their life experience helping them grow into well rounded adults. If you’ve been putting off camping with your kids, now is a great time to introduce them into this healthy, active lifestyle, have new experiences and make new friends Take some time off from your busy adult life, buy a camper trailer, and enjoy the great outdoors with your family. To help you get started, here are some tips to plan and experience an enjoyable camping trip with your family.

Have a Complete Plan

Planning comprises 50% of the success of your camping adventure, especially when children are involved. Poor planning can cause a lot of stress and hinder your trip so it’s best to be well prepared. Here’s a checklist of what you need to plan:

  1. Destination (Campsite, advance bookings, etc)
  2. Schedule and Weather. Is it the best time of year to go? What is the weather prediction? (You can also check Bureau of Meteorology’s website for up-to-date weather information around Australia.)
  3. Meals you want to prepare for yourself and the kids
  4. Activities that you want to do with your family
  5. Extra Gear and equipment that you have to bring when camping with kids.
  6. Suitable clothing for the weather and activities
  7. Safety and Emergency Plans

Creating a checklist to make sure you have everything ready would be really helpful, in most cases, the list is too long for you to rely solely on memory. Kidspot has a prepared camping checklist that you can download and print to make it sure you have all the essentials, there’s also space to add your own items to the list.

Kids Safety

The nerve-racking part about camping is keeping everyone safe especially your kids. Kids will be kids so you might want to take additional measures to monitor and remind them about safety. Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Talk about it – Discuss the importance of safety with your kids. Set safety rules for everyone to follow. You can ask your kids to help you in setting these safety rules, because participation means they fully understand the rules. You have to make sure that your kids fully understand the consequences and any dangers involved should they choose to disobey the safety rules. Proper communication is important.
  2. Safety Whistle – Let’s face it, there are other people who go camping every month and there’s always a great chance that you’ll have to deal with a crowd. A safety whistle will put your mind at ease. It’s not about being a helicopter parent. It’s about not taking chances when it comes to your kids. The truth is even adult travelers use a safety whistle during their travels. Set whistle signals with your kids for different distress situation so you would know what kind of danger they are in and can respond accordingly.
  3. Emergency Kit – There are emergency kits that you can easily purchase on online camping stores. Emergency kits should be handy so ideally you should put in one small bag, which you can easily grab in case you need it. There are two components of emergency kit that you have to prepare; medical kit and survival kit.

For your medical needs, make it sure that you have the following:

  • Adhesive bandages and tapes, gauze pads, tweezers, gauze bandages, instant cold pack, medical scissors, alcohol wipes, insect repellent, first aid cream, anti-diarrhea tablets, tongue depressors, toothache kit, Panadol for kids and Towlettes

For your survival kit, pack these things:

  • AM/FM radio with batteries, flashlights with batteries, matches, candles, rope, survival knife, emergency blankets, water purification tablets, utility bags, food bars, and waste bags

You can include other items in your own emergency kit. For one, you should add allergy medications for your kids who have allergies. Also, pack some sunscreen. The outback and alpine regions can be really inviting. Your kids might want to play under the sun and you sure don’t want to spoil the fun. Sunscreen will put your mind at ease.

  1. Choose Child-Friendly Sites - How would you know if a site is child-friendly or not? A child-friendly site means that there are less potential risks of getting your kids harmed in case they engage in any form of activities in a campsite. What you need to do first is ask around your friends or network who have gone camping to a particular place where you want to take your kids. Ask if there are streams/rivers that may not be safe for your kids to swim, cliffs, and dangerous trails. Another criterion for a child-friendly site is if there are toilets and showers that your kids can use for the whole duration of your camping adventure. Kids can be extremely picky and they sure wouldn’t want to try the catholes. Choosing a child-friendly site is not about being paranoid. It means responsible parenthood.

Going the extra mile in keeping everyone safe is never a bad idea. It’s being a responsible parent. Being paranoid is when you become anxious about everything that you spoil the fun and adventure for your kids. Take a deep breath, prepare, and keep a healthy communication with everyone and everything should be fine.

Prepare “Cool” Activities

This is the part where you need to invest your time in. Be the cool kid that your kids want to play with. Think of activities that you can do together without being a bored. Some of the most common camping activities are swimming, scavenger hunt, beach combing, cooking, roasting food, star gazing, cricket or footy. There are also sites that offer other activities like obstacle course, survival lessons, wall climbing, rappelling, biking, and other outdoor activities. If you can’t think of other fun activities with your kids, you might want to try this 40 suggested activities from A Mom With A Lesson Plan.


Let Go of Gadgets and Disconnect from the Online World

There’s an ongoing debate about letting your kids have mobile phones or tablets and letting them have a social media account. Camping is a good way for your kids’ to have an online and gadget detox. Let them enjoy the bush and play under the sun. Teach them how to appreciate nature, care for the environment, and fall in love with new activities.

Have fun with your kids because camping ought to be fun. Let them experience life away from the city and discover the beauty of Australia. In the end, it’s all about creating memories with your family. Here at EZY Trail Campers, we’re happy to build memories with you.

How do you plan camping activities with your kids? We want to hear your thoughts, please comment below.

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