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How to choose a Camper Trailer

How to choose a Camper Trailer

The Camper Trailer is a very comfortable and convenient way to go camping. For some first time campers, there are lots of many different models on the market and it can be daunting to know where to start to look. Following are some things you may consider when choose your first Camper Trailer.
1. Your Budget.
From the basic model to fully equipped extreme off road model, a camper trailer could cost between $3500 and $50000. Your budget could help you scale down the range of your options.
2. How much weight can your vehicle safely tow?
Understanding this number will help you choose the right Camper Trailer that does not exceed your vehicle's weight allowance when fully loaded with gear and water.
3. Family members.
You also need to consider how many family members will go camping with you. If you have a big family, a camper trailer tent which can attach an extra annex room may be more practical to your camping adventure. For example, our company’s DL230 tent is a good choice for a big family. There are 2 annexes included in the package and they are extremely easy to setup with the main tent.
4. Where you go to.
From the basic on road model to a fully equipped off road design for outback adventures, our Camper Trailers are suited to different road conditions.
5. A tent that is easy to setup.
This is important because it could save a lot of work and make your camping trip easier and more enjoyable. All Ezytrail Camper Trailer tents are designed to setup and pack down with relative ease and it is important to note the more you do it the easier it becomes.
6. Fully equipped
4wd hitch, independent suspension, spare tyre and qualified electrician certified power pack are necessary to a camping outback trip. Ezytrail Campers’ off road Camper Trailers are designed for most off road conditions in Australia.
With Ezytrail Camper Trailers, Camping made Ezy.

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