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Great family fun with Glow Stick Bowling

Great family fun with Glow Stick Bowling

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What a fabulous way to end your day with a fun game of bowling before the little ones head off to bed and you can enjoy the evening under the stars.

What You’ll Need

  • 6 glow sticks( bigger ones are better )
  • 1 ball heavy enough to knock over water bottles (asmall basketball.)
  • 6 water bottles
  • Paper and pencil to keep score


Preparation Time

10-15 minutes to prepare your pins


Crack the Glow Sticks as per the directions on the packet to make them glow.

Fill the water bottles leaving an Inch from the top so they do not over flow.

Place the Glow Sticks in the bottles and make sure the lids are tight.

Arrange the bottles ready to knock them over

Using your small ball roll as hard as you can to knock as many bottles over , you each get 2 turns. ( scoring is fun if you have older children )

Play as many rounds as you like or stick to normal bowling rules, but most
importantly HAVE FUN!

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