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Glamping: Nature with a touch of luxury - on a budget

Glamping: Nature with a touch of luxury - on a budget

Luxurious is not always a word that is associated with camping. In fact, I am sure everyone can recall a few trips that they have been on in the past that have been downright disastrous! One particular memory of mine involved leaving a friend in charge of packing everything we needed - which they managed...except for the stove.
Needless to say, they were not the most popular person on that trip...

As more and more people discover the joy of seeing their country, a new type of camping has been born - glamping. A combination of the best parts of the great outdoors and the comforts of home, glamping, is the best of both worlds, especially when you utilise a camper trailer to add even more creature comforts to your experience. We have put together some of the best tips to help you experience comfort and luxury, even if you are on a tight budget.

Bring everything AND the kitchen sink
One of the benefits of glamping is not having to sacrifice the comforts of home. That means rather than attempting not to burn your sausages to a crisp on a dirty and often impractical open fire, you can bring the convenience of a fully functional kitchen with you on holiday. Camper trailers offer an excellent and cost-effective way to do this. Once you have invested in a trailer, all you need is your existing kitchenware and inexpensive, easily refillable gas bottles to power the burners. Once set up all you need to do is cook up a storm and indulge in a relaxing glass of Penfolds with your gourmet meal! A camping trailer kitchen also makes cleaning up a breeze, with an onboard water supply that can be used to get the cleaning done fast so that you can put your feet up where they belong.

A bed fit for a king.. or queen
What you sleep on when you are camping can have a huge impact on your relaxation levels. Skinny, deflated mattress and sleeping bag = cranky. Thick, cushiony-soft mattress and soft, snuggly blanket = bliss. This is a deceptively simple but often overlooked aspect of camping. We recommend that you go with the most high-quality air mattress that you can afford, and consider bringing a thick, luxurious spare doona if you have an extra at home. If space allows, you could even consider bringing some more cushions and pillows for an easy luxe addition. These will allow for versatility as they are able to be used in both your tent and to create a comfortable and beautiful campsite. A wonderful finishing touch in the areas that you wish to use as living spaces is an inviting rug for the floor. No need to purchase an expensive brand - stores such as Kmart or your local Opportunity Shop have lots of wonderful styles at budget friendly prices to help you complete your outdoor lounge room!

Light up your night
Another simple yet effective way to create an amazing opulent ambience in your campsite is to find the right lighting to perfectly complement the mood you want to create. Portable gas-powered lamps that run off the gas supply that makes up part of your camping trailer create a lovely, soft and warm glow that is calming and relaxing. Avoid harsh LED lights in open spaces, as these can give off a greenish glow that is unpleasant and is ineffective at lighting large spaces. These types of lights are best used in small spaces where you want light focused in one area.

We hope that these tips have given you some inspiration and ideas to leap into your next camping experience.

If you have any more excellent ideas, please share them below!

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