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Here on our BLOG over the next few weeks we will try to answer some of the FAQs asked at

Question: BALL WEIGHT.

Make sure the camper you are interested in is of a suitable ball weight for your vehicle. Can you lift the front of the trailer? A situation may arise where you may have to unhook the trailer & turn it around in off road conditions or just in the shed at home? A general rule of thumb is to have 10 to 15% of the trailers weight on the hitch.


Most vehicles fitted with a tow pack either from the Dealer or aftermarket will have a placard stating your ball weight capacity, this is very important as it is illegal for you to tow over your vehicle stated ball weight capacity. Here at Ezytrail our dedicated & trained Sales Staff will assist you in finding the right Ezytrail Camper Trailer to suit both your vehicle towing & ball weight capacity. Our Ezytrail Camper Trailers are all fitted with a jockey wheel that has been designed to not only support your trailer when not hitched to your car but also to help assist you manoeuvring it around.

Question: BEARINGS.

What sized bearings does the trailer have? Are they large enough to handle the abuse of corrugated roads? How often do I grease them? How do I inspect them for wear? Do I get spare bearings with the camper?


Our Ezytrail sales staff can assist you with a comprehensive service regime this depends on how often and where you go camping, unlike a car you may only camp once or twice a year or you may go out camping every second weekend. All Ezytrail Camper Trailer are fitted with 2 sets of bearings

Outer bearing part No. L68149.

D - Cup Outer Diameter 2.3280 in
59.131 mm
d - Cone Bore 1.3775 in
34.989 mm
B - Cone Width 0.6600 in
16.764 mm
C - Cup Width 0.4700 in
11.938 mm
T - Bearing Width 0.6250 in
15.875 mm
Z - Number of Rollers Per Row 23


Inner Bearing part No. LM12749

D - Cup Outer Diameter 1.7810 in
45.237 mm
d - Cone Bore 0.8656 in
21.986 mm
B - Cone Width 0.6550 in
16.637 mm
C - Cup Width 0.4750 in
12.065 mm
T - Bearing Width 0.6100 in
15.494 mm
Z - Number of Rollers Per Row 17


Replacement bearings can be purchased from your local Ezytrail Camper Trailer Showroom or most automotive or caravan spare parts sellers.

Question: BATTERY.

Does the camper have an onboard battery setup? How is the charging of the battery done? Do I need a battery management system to control the charging from the vehicle? How long will the battery last? What type of batteries is used, heavy duty or deep cycle? What size cable do I need to charge the batteries in the camper? How long does it take to fully charge the battery? Is there a 12 volt trickle charge to the onboard battery via an Anderson plug when driving? What do I need to do on my vehicle to do this?


Remote power is a complex and often misunderstood question, stay tuned over the coming weeks and I will break down the question into to an easy to understand guide to setting up a remote power system that will suit your needs, whether you enjoy camping in many of our country’s wonderful caravan parks or are game enough to test your camping skills in a” free camping” location.


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