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Christmas Tips For New Camper Trailer Owners

Christmas Tips For New Camper Trailer Owners

With everyone picking up new campers and readying their existing campers for Xmas holidays we thought we would share some tips!

If you're taking a new camper some things you should do are:christmas-tips

1) Check wheel nuts and hitch at 100, 500 and 1000km and tyre pressures before you head off.

2) Season your tent before use (you can find our guide here)

3) Remember that trailer brakes will take some time to bed in. Adjust your brake controller accordingly as the drums start to work better.

4) New handbrake cables will stretch more than an old one, if your handbrake is coming up past 2/3 of the way give it an adjustment so it works at halfway.

5) When setting up the tent you want the canvas taut not tight. If you're seeing tight stitching back it off a fraction.

6) If you encounter rain, adjust poles to improve run off and ensure water can't pool on the canvas. On hard floors where the tropical roof has Velcro attaching at each end undo sections of velcro so water can't pool in the groove and work its way in through the stitching.

7) Check all door and lid seals making sure when they are closed and latched you have 30-50% compression to keep dust and water out.

8) Gas will take some time to purge the air on its way to the kitchen on fully plumbed systems. Be patient and hold the knob down until the flame has settled and activated the sensor. On hard floors check under the stove by removing the drawer, if there is a small black battery holder inset the battery and you'll have auto ignition. This is only very recent so don't freak out if yours doesn't have

9) The Anderson plug in the fridge compartment on hard floors is what you want to connect the fridge to. Ciggy sockets are generally unreliable and lose voltage.

10) Never stand in line of the winch when opening or closing trailers with it.

11) On first time set ups give yourself plenty of time, take a break regularly and don't end up divorced. Oh and don't do your first set up in the dark after driving for hours because divorce is expensive and tough on kids.

Have a safe and happy Christmas from the management and staff at Ezytrail.

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