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The couple that travelled Australia for $1 a kilometre

We tell you how they did it, and how you can do it for even less.

Australia’s 5 best outback station stays

When it comes to an authentic outback experience, it’s hard to beat setting up camp on a working station. Plus, some of the most spectacular countryside is found on private property. Have we sold you yet? Here’s how to unlock the gate on five epic outback station stays.

Towing Mirrors – How not to cop a ticket

You can’t just hitch up and head off without a clear and legally-enforceable view behind you.

6 pet-friendly parks for Easter

Easter might be best known for egg hunts, hat parades and obscene amounts of chocolate, but we reckon the best thing about it is the extra-long weekend it promises. But finding someone to look after your four-legged friend for four days can be tricky, so we’ve done a roundup of our favourite pet-friendly holiday parks around Oz.


Exploring nature’s playground sometimes requires a little extra effort. Like taking a dirt road and venturing on less travelled routes. Usually the reward is worth it.

Trailer Care and Maintainence

The most important part of caring for your trailers starts before you even setup. Having a departure checklist in your head such as the one I use below can save hundreds of dollars in lost or damaged items. It’s a simple, no cost tip that everybody should use.

Why You Should Take Your Pooch Camping

It’s funny to think that everybody knows a dog is man’s best friend, but when you want to take your best mate camping, it’s not very easy to find places where your dog will be accepted.

Camping Tip: How to Properly Build a Fire

Camping will never be camping without building a fire. Even if you own one of our awesome camping trailers, you will still need to build a fire for the evening affairs.

Warm up little hands around a campfire with Pulled Lam Vindallo

Bush Tucker delight - Pulled Lamb Vindaloo

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