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So you think you can tow?

Read this before you take off on your next RV adventure …

5 Ripper Bush Camps

Scenery and serenity… sometimes it’s necessary to get as far away from the everyday as possible.

Ye who prep will prosper: Safety aids & accessories

Did you lock the door on your way out? Did you feed the dog? Did you do the other dozen or more jobs that should be done prior to cranking over the holiday-mobile?

How to avoid contaminated water

Water is a balancing act for RV owners. Take too much and you’re carrying unnecessary weight; take too little and you could be refilling from undesirable sources. Here’s our practical guide to collecting and keeping potable water fresh for longer.

Is Your Caravan Barbecue Legal?

There is a lot of misinformation and rumours going on in the industry relating to correct fitment of barbecues and bayonet fittings.


We show you how to keep warm during winter… and yes procreation is a legit method

Driving interstate? You’ll probably break the law

I have a dream … a dream that one day, road rules will be the same across every state and territory in Australia. The federal pollies need to take control and be responsible for the rules and regulations that govern ALL our roads and put an end to different strokes for different folks. Who’s with me?

Waterfront Camping: Without being shark bait!

A little bit of snooping around inland Queensland might find some surprisingly wet (and stunning) campsites!


I’ve been travelling around the country in campers and caravans for the best part of 25 years. In that time I have met the most wonderful and amazing like-minded people, many of whom I’ve kept in contact with for years afterwards. Caravanners and campers are the most terrific people you will ever meet but, every now and again, you’ll find that one guy who is the exception to the rule. You’ve probably met him: obnoxious, opinionated, self-righteous and most likely to be breaking every rule in the book. If you’ve just started out in your RV lifestyle and you’re wondering who I’m talking about, then take a note of the following to ensure that you do not inadvertently become THAT GUY!

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