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The top five things caravanners forget to check before driving off!

They may seem obvious when they’re written down – and that’s our point: to help you avoid these mistakes! Check out our top tips for a pre-trip checklist 

7 UHF radio safety tips

A UHF radio is a vital piece of safety equipment that can be a lifeline on the road. But do you know how to use it properly?

Tip: Buying an off-road caravan? Consider these 10 things.

It takes more than just a lick of checkerplate to make a caravan an off-roader. Here’s what to look for when buying an off-road caravan.

Caravan Parks: 3 We Love, 3 We Long For

The RV Daily Foodie Trails team stayed at all of these parks on our delicious adventures around NSW and Queensland, and we give them all our tick of approval.

In the aftermath of a regional crisis or natural disaster, is it better to stay away or show your support?

Cyclone Trevor decimates the Gulf Country’s working stations. Huge rains turn Queensland’s Channel Country into a stinking, mass bovine cemetery. Fires rip through Victoria’s GippslandThe best part about travelling in an RV is that plans are changeable and a bit of wild weather might put you in a bother for a week or so, but you can always drive out of it given a reliable weather app and a steady internet connection. But once the damage has been done, it can be difficult to know whether retracking your route into an environmentally savaged area is helping or hindering the very community you are there to visit. 

The ultimate guide to electronic brake controllers

The brake controller packs some smarts into neat and compact dimensions. We take a look at how you can spend the bucks to avoid the bang

Top tips on how to beat the heat in your van this summer

Summer is on its way in Australia, and while this time of year is perfect to hit the road, nobody wants to travel like a melted snowman. But there’s many things you can do to help make travelling more bearable, so let’s start by looking at your tow tug.

Seven Tips For Smarter Packing

There’s nothing like pulling up to a camp and having everything – within mere minutes - set up, nibbles chucked in the bowl and a cool drink close to hand. Packing isn’t exactly fun, but if it’s done right, it saves you from a damaged van, strewn belongings and unwanted veggie mash. There’s no shortage of stories going around camp fires on bad packing and wise words about how to avoid it. It’s an art that can be learned the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is to load ‘n’ go with some careful forethought. The hard way is to pack ‘n’ go in a rush, and when disaster strikes, try and learn from the terrible consequences. Let’s remove the latter from this equation and help you to pack safely.

Towing off-road – but what exactly does ‘off-road’ mean?

As a little tacker, Mum would tell me to go outside and play in the dirt. The ensuing hour-long soak in the tub to get the dirt and mud off my whole body and the half a container of Omo to wash the muck from my clothes, was not what she had in mind.


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