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9 Must-Have and Easy-To-Cook Camping Recipes

9 Must-Have and Easy-To-Cook Camping Recipes

There are simply lots of fun things to do during your camping adventure. We understand that cooking can be one of those less attractive activities that you would want to spend your time in. Some even try to ignore it by just packing ready-to-eat can goods just to save time and energy. If you’re camping, you want to keep things simple, fast, and easy. You want to get the best out of your time, so cooking should take less preparation. But don’t you think that food is also part of the over-all camping experience (of course, it is!), and taking cooking out of the equation is like missing 50% of your camping adventures?

This is why our camper trailers are equipped with stove and practical kitchen set up so we can make cooking extra easy for you. You can try to cook these recipes to spice up your camping memories. We included recipes, which will only take you less than an hour to prepare at your camping site.

Grilled Recipes

There’s nothing more convenient than grilling food during camping. Aside from the fact that it takes less time to prepare grilled foods, it’s also healthy for you. When camping, you can’t simply take grilled foods out of the menu. So here are some of the must-have grilled recipes you can try:

  1. Grilled glazed beef & vegetable kebabs– We posted this camping recipe last month since it’s one of the best recipes that we enjoy during our outdoor escapades. It won’t take you 15 minutes to prepare this healthy grilled kebab. Even your kids would love it.
  2. Lime and Pepper Grilled Chicken Breasts– This is an easy way to add chicken to your camping food menu. You can cut the chicken breast a little thinner than the usual so you can grill it easily. You can marinade the chicken at home or bring a resealable plastic bag so you can marinade anything during camping.
  3. Grilled Lime Garlic Shrimp– If you like to have shrimp during your camping, this recipe is for you. The marinade is the secret to this grilled shrimp. You can prepare this in less than 15 minutes. Try it yourself!

Foiled Recipes

You’ll be amazed how foil can help you create delightful treats when you’re out there in the wild. Foil can be an all-in-one cooking tool if you want to travel light. You can basically cook everything with foil and a decent fire pit. Here are some of the recipes you can cook using foil:

  1. Salmon with Herbs and Lemon– Salmons are easy to cook and very tasty but if you can’t catch salmons while fishing, you can still use other fish for this recipe. You just have to cut your fish thinner than the usual so you can cook it easily. This is a hassle-free recipe. Season the salmon inside the foil then cook it for 6-8 minutes and voila! Lunch is ready.
  2. Campfire Paella– Who says you can’t eat paella while camping? The trick is you have to prepare the vegetables and other ingredients at home so you don’t have to do all the slicing at the campsite. It only takes 10-15 minutes to prepare this.
  3. Coal-Roasted Chuckbox Pozole-Stuffed Onions– This is a bit of a gourmet food in the wild. If you’re tired of traditional burger and grilled hotdogs, you should try this recipe. It may take a little to prepare (30 minutes) but it’s worth it! Tip: Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine.

Bonus: Check this 50 recipes if you want to cook more food using the ever-reliable foil. The recipes may take more than half an hour to prepare but it’s all worth the wait.

Snacks Recipes

You might not notice it but during the day, your appetite is a little more active than the usual. It can be because you spend a lot of energy doing different daytime activities. It’s always a great idea if you have bite-sized treats that you can easily prepare in case your stomach start rumbling.

  1. Grilled Chocolate Banana Melt– Talking about treats! This one is one of the easiest and yummiest to prepare. You can also prepare it using foils. This is just right for your kids while they’re enjoying under the sun. It will take you less than 10 minutes to prepare this recipe.
  2. Dutch Oven Pizza– Who doesn’t want to eat pizza in Lakefield, Mystery Bay, Lake Eildon, or Big Hill? Want pizza? No problem. It will only take you 25 minutes to prepare this.
  3. Cheesy Dutch Oven Potatoes– You love cheese? You’ll love this cheesylecious snack. It’s super easy to prepare but it can take a little more than 30 minutes to cook it. Everybody loves it and it’s best for your afternoon river plunge.

Other regular camping recipes that you should not cross out from the list are S’mores, marshmallows, and brownies. Camping won’t just be the same without those treats.

Your camping menu doesn’t have to be as boring as last year’s recipe. Try to experiment and prepare something new. New destinations should mean new experience and that includes your camping recipes. Our camping trailers make it convenient for you to prepare all the recipes you want to try. Aside from the installed kitchen quarter, you don’t have to worry about your dining area. Our trailers and tent can accommodate you and your family rain or shine.


Did we miss your favourite recipe? Comment it in the comment box so we can include it in the list.

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