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5 must-see Australian wonders

5 must-see Australian wonders

Have you ever seen where the forest meets the sea?

Have you visited a landscape so wild and desolate that you can imagine a time before people existed?

Australia is an astounding country that holds so much beauty that it's almost impossible to know where to start. Many of us have travelled to far-flung corners of the globe, but have you been to these ultimate Australian sites that are a must for your bucket list? We have searched coast to coast to bring you a list of the most stunning destinations that are perfect for a visit in your camper trailer. Start exploring in your backyard today - you won't be sorry!

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Cape Tribulation - Queensland

This is truly one of the most stunning locations in Australia. Around two hours north of Cairns is a place where the lush rainforest creeps right up to the sea. The beautiful beach is not only that - it also holds the underwater wonder of the great barrier reef. Camping in this area is easy, with many parks available to situate your camper trailer in to make the most of this beautiful spot.


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The Grampians - Victoria

Known for some of the most stunning rock formations in Australia and with an abundance of wildlife able to be seen in their natural habitat, The Grampians are an easy inclusion to this list. With numerous walks ranging from beginner ambles to serious treks, there’s something for everyone here. Strategically located campgrounds make it easy to bring your camper trailer for an unforgettable holiday with the family.

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Shark Bay - Western Australia

This intriguing location is home to the multitude of unique aquatic life that is seriously a must-see. Thousands of dugongs reside there, grazing on some of the largest areas sea-grass in the world. It is also home to dolphins who congregate around Monkey Mia in particular. Shark Bay is lucky to bear witness to spectacular Humpback and Southern right whales as they swim their migratory path through the bay. If that isn't enough to satisfy the most committed of nature lovers what about this - the largest fish in the world, Whale sharks, congregate breathtakingly during the full moons of April and May. For animal lovers, Shark Bay is a must visit wonder.


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The Pinnacles - Western Australia

These jaw-dropping limestone formations have to be seen to be believed. Unknown by many until as recently as 1967, this reserve is best visited during wildflower season, from August to October. The pinnacle formations are stunning when seen in the early morning or late afternoon light, as colours change and shadows twist and turn playing with perceptions.


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Uluru - Northern Territory

Without a doubt one of the most famous landmarks that Australia has, this breathtaking site has to be seen in person to be believed. Sunrise and sunset are perfect times to take in the magical sight which will leave a lasting impression on young and old. Uluru is located within easy distance to campgrounds nearby, which provide areas for camper trailers.

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