Is Your Caravan Barbecue Legal?

  • 17 Jun

Article from: RV Daily

There is a lot of misinformation and rumours going on in the industry relating to correct fitment of barbecues and bayonet fittings.

Ezytrail saw an industry report that stated: Late last year at an interstate show a regulator identified the issue of BBQ’s in particular the Weber BBQ not having a flame safeguard system. AS/NZS 5601.2 Gas Installations – LP Gas installations in caravans and boats for non-propulsive purposes clause 6.3 states “all appliances shall be fitted with flame safeguard systems to all burners.”

 Following mixed views the regulators have confirmed that:

 When a BBQ is connected to a bayonet or fixed installation it is deemed to be a part of the installation and must have flame safeguard.

If the BBQ is fixed to a caravan or on a product such as a slide out, the BBQ is deemed to be a part of the installation and must have flame safeguard.

Having a gas bayonet is legal if fitted by a licensed gas fitter. Appliances with flame safeguards can legally be run from that bayonet fitting. In the case of some popular barbecues on the market they do not, so legally they cannot be used off the bayonet fitting.

The report continues on: The solution is to have a BBQ that has flame safeguard or to not fix the BBQ to the caravan or a product such as a slide e.g. supply loose, connect via a gas bottle directly e.g. the gas bottle sitting on the ground and have labels to ensure the gas bottle does not get fitted into compartments where BBQ is.

 It’s also important to understand that ANY barbecue that is modified from the way it’s sold means it requires re-certification to be legal.

The report also states that: Please be aware that domestic BBQs do not require a flame failure device however if these are installed into a caravan they are required to have flame failure with the above requirements.

Each gas appliance in a caravan must have a shut off device accessible in case of an appliance leak. The caravan-mounted appliances also require a flame safeguard system, which is a Thermocouple system that stops the flow of gas if the flame goes out for any reason preventing the chance of a gas fire.

Our understanding is that this is not a new rule however it is attracting a lot of attention at the moment. Please be aware of the ramifications of the enforcement of this rule are and comply accordingly as it may save a life. It also means the responsibility falls on the user to ensure that any products fixed to the caravan bayonet are compliant. If unsure talk to the manufacturer and/or licensed gas fitter or state caravan association.

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