Helpful Tips for Buying Pop Top Caravans

The pop top caravan has long been a staple of many holidays across Australia, whether it’s with Grey Nomads travelling across the country or with young families who can’t wait to show their kids some parts of Australia that they might not otherwise get the chance to experience. Characterised by a height adjustable roof that can be lowered when not in use, pop top caravans have been a popular choice for decades. Here are some helpful points and tips to consider if you’re looking at pop top caravans for sale.

New or Second Hand?

This is a common point of consideration for many potential purchasers looking at pop top caravans for sale. While some people don’t mind opting for a second hand model, a brand new pop top caravan will come with a wealth of features and operations that aren’t available in older models. New pop top caravans also come in a range of different models to suit different budgets, meaning you won’t have to resort to buying second hand.

Other Points to Consider

Other important factors to keep in mind when looking at pop top caravans for sale include:

  • Make sure all fixtures, installations, wiring and electrical equipment is in perfect working condition. You can either check these points and features yourself or have someone check them for you.
  • Check for the presence of mould in the interior of the caravan. You can usually do this by indentifying a dank and musty smell.
  • What will you be towing your caravan with? Do you have a 4WD that can handle towing a caravan with ease, or are you going to need to buy a new vehicle as well?

For more information on pop top caravans for sale, you can trust Ezytrail Camper Trailers to provide you with the expert service and advice you need. Happy travelling!

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