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The Ezytrail Customer Support Team provides various options to assist you with your Ezytrail purchase and your next camping experience.

  • There are a range of Handy hints on offer to assist you with your new Ezytrail Purchase.
  • Feedback is very important to us here at Ezytrail, many of your experiences and advice does help improve our trailers and will be reviewed by our R & D Team, we encourage you to provide feedback regarding your camping experience with our Ezytrail Camper trailers.
  • Our Contact us page provides you with the Ezytrail Customer Support Team hours of operation, the local and national hotline phone numbers for support and an online enquiry form.


Have you got a question? Feel free to call us on 1300 399 875. However if you need a fast answer or dont have the time to chat, click the link below to visit our FAQ page which may answer some of your general questions for us! If not we are only a phone call or email away !



Is your trailer in warranty? EzyTrail fully backs its products and will repair your Trailer if the warranty is valid. To begin the Warranty Claim please fill out our form, including as much information as possible about the damage/fault ,images of the damage and have your invoice handy for proof of purchase to make sure your trailer can be fixed as soon as possible. Dont forget your contact info so we can give you a ring ASAP. *Please note that warranty does not extend to second hand owners, ONLY ORIGINAL PURCHASERS

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