• 17 May

Article from: RV Daily

We show you how to keep warm during winter… and yes procreation is a legit method

Staying at home during the winter months, snug in front of the telly, is an easy option. 
But, there are trailer loads of ways to keeping warm in your caravan instead of saving your getaways for the overcrowded, overpriced, booked out, scorching heatwave summer spells.

Let’s kick off with ensuring we take that favourite drop… well, to hell with it, bring the whole case or cask if you must, chocolate and all the good food just in case you do get holed up in the weather for a day or three.

Insulate it
As well as wall insulation, you’d be surprised how much cold rises through a non-insulated floor, so preventing that source of cold ingress goes a long way to keeping the insides of your van warmer. Most vans feature hard floor surfaces; having removable carpet or a rug can help with that floor insulation. Same goes for curtains, blinds or thermal window coverings; once the sun goes down to prevent cold coming through the windows. Also check window and door seals for cold drafts.

Cheap department-store-sourced blow or ceramic heaters may be a good investment; but of course you do need 240V to run them as compared to the dedicated caravan diesel and LPG versions are perfect for free camping away from mains power.Remember heat rises, so keep those roof vents closed.

Cooking a hearty meal is one sure fire way to heat the inside of your van, but a safety issue with dire consequences should you flaunt them, is the blocking of ventilation points while using LPG accessories (fridge, stove and oven). They require plenty of ventilation, so don’t do it!

Don’t forget about the good ol’ hot water bottle either. They are still readily available and work a treat to warm up the bed. Same goes for electric blankets, or toss an extra blanket on the bed – keeping body heat under the covers goes a long way to a good night’s sleep. Depending on your van, a thermal blanket under the mattress may help. Vans with canvas sections are harder to retain the heat, so utilising a second cover can help keep cold out. With pop-top vans, dropping the roof will reduce the volume of air to be warmed and reduce the material section which will help with heating.

Stating the bleedin’ obvious, you will need to rug up when it’s cold, but there are right and wrong ways to do it. A number of thinner layers of clothes (instead of one huge jacket) helps regulate your body temperature and allows you to easily change as you move in and outside. Keeping your noggin warm with a beanie or even just a hat makes a huge difference to overall body warmth. Gloves may look dorky, but keeping your digits warm makes for supreme comfort in cold weather.

Bedroom antics
Let’s look at this as indoors recreation… surely a rumble under the doona of one bed would be much warmer than using separate beds. You could look at a winter caravanning experience as marriage counselling… or revival of times past when passion came naturally… or, who knows, even a way to spark up a new relationship with a fellow vanner.

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