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What are your showroom opening hours?

Opening hours vary across our Branches and dealers. To find your local branches opening hours please click here

Will my car be able to tow the camper trailer I am interested in?

Yes we have a model within our large range of camper trailers to suit most cars, SUV’s & 4WD’s on the market, for more information or to find out about the towing capacity of your vehicle, call us or drop into one of our showrooms and our staff will endeavour to assist

How soon can I have my camper trailer?

Under normal circumstances we can have your purchase delivered within 3 months from the deposit being received

Please Note: Delays are sometimes unavoidable for the build process and handover date. Some of these may include delays with 3rd party suppliers, significant cultural events, public holidays, extreme weather events, covid lockdowns in Australia and Internationally or port closures.

While we understand you are excited to pick up your new Caravan or Camper, please consider the above when booking holidays. Your Estimated Delivery date is not a confirmed date. We advise not to make non refundable plans based on this date as this can change and can often be outside of our control.

Do you have finance options available?

Yes – we have finance available via our partner NLF. Click here for more information: www.nlf.net.au/apply-now/

What is the minimum deposit I need to place an order?

The minimum deposit required to put your purchase into production is 10% of total value.

How do I register the trailer?

Each State has different registration requirements, check with your local state authority or call your nearest Ezytrail Branch Office for details.

My Caravan or Camper is ready! What is the handover / pick-up process?

Please be advised that your delivery date is an estimate only and is subject to change. You are welcome to contact your showroom of purchase at any stage to check your build progress. Any major date changes or delays will be advised by your Sales Representative.

When your purchase arrives, it will have one final inspection from our quality assurance team prior to collection. When your purchase is ready for collection, a member of our team will contact you to advise you and to organise a specific date and time.

Our Handover process will take approximately 1 hour – in this time an Ezytrail staff member will show you through your purchase, explain all functions, electrical and operational systems. If you purchase a camper you will be shown how to open and close your new purchase and how to set up the main tent.

Does the price include Registration & Onroad costs?

The advertised prices on our website do not include registration or on road costs – this is because these costs vary from state to state. Contact your nearest showroom for a quote on these in your state

I'm not sure of how my new purchase works - How can I learn?

Each of our models has its own dedicated User Manual – these can be downloaded from the Help Centre on our website. You will also find many informative ‘how to’ videos on our Youtube channel. Click here to view www.youtube.com/EzytrailcampertrailersAustralia

Is there a warranty on your camper trailers & caravans and if so what are they?

All caravans and camper trailers purchased through direct Ezytrail Branches or Authorised Dealerships receive our 12 month warranty. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Chassis & Drawbar. Our warranty is valid for first owners only and is not available to second onwners

What’s covered?

Any defects in the manufacturing or materials of the structure of the Camper or Caravan

What’s not covered?

This warranty does not cover fair wear and tear of the Camper or Caravan and its components, or replacement of any consumable items such as brake linings, magnets, tyres, wheel alignment, bearings and bearing seals. The warranty does not cover any damage or loss of function incurred to any part of the Camper or Caravan because of events which occur after you take possession of the Camper or Caravan. This warranty is not a replacement for insurance.

Read our Warranty Terms and Conditions on our website for more info

How do I make a Warranty Claim?

Go to the WARRANTY section under the ‘Support’ tab on our website – fill out the warranty form and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you within 48hours

My warranty claim was denied - What do I do now?

If we deny your warranty claim, we will outline our reasons and will offer you alternative options.

We may reject a claim because we have not received enough, or correct, information about your claim or situation.

If you believe that the outcome of your claim was made in error, or if you wish to provide supplementary information after receiving an initial response, please contact your local branch and explain the basis on which you believe there was a mistake, or the additional information which you believe we should consider and this information will be passed through to our warranty team. Providing us with additional information may not change the outcome of the claim.

How long will you ship out my item after I have cleared the payment?

Once payment has cleared we will begin the shipping process which can take up to 5 days

Can I organise my own courier company to pick up the item?

Yes. This will need to be communicated clearly with the store you are collecting from

Do Caravans & Camper Trailers require regular servicing?

Like any motor vehicle, camper trailers and caravans have a lot of moving parts. These parts can wear and even breakdown after regular use.

Maintenance is essential to keep your Caravan or Camper Trailer in safe usable condition. Your purchase requires maintenance at regular intervals outlined in your user manual. Adhering to this schedule is to ensure safe travel for you and your family and is part of your owner obligations under our warranty policy

Key parts such as your running gear (suspension, wheels, tyres, brakes) require regular upkeep and occasional replacement of consumable parts (bearings, seals, brake magnets)

We also recommend other parts of your Ezytrail get regular maintenance checks to ensure proper and safe function of these parts. Such as external seals for hatches, doors and windows. Plumbing and gas fixtures and electrical connections and safety components.

All new Ezytrail vehicles are supplied with a maintenance schedule found in your owners manual –

Your first service is at 3 months or 1000KM (whichever comes first). If a big trip is planned for your first holiday in your new vehicle, this should be done before taking off on your trip if this distance exceeds this 1000Km threshold

Below is an example of a servicing schedule – check your user manual for your specific schedule as these timings may change

  • 3 months/1000km
  • 6 months/5,000km
  • 12 months/10,000Km
  • 18 months/15,000km
  • 24 months/20,000km
  • 30 months/25,000km
  • 36 months/30,000km
  • 42 months/35,000km
  • 48 months/40,000km
  • 54 months/45,000km
  • 60 months/50,000km

It’s also important to keep your servicing up to date to protect your warranty

How do I find and order spare parts for my Ezytrail?

We strive to have the most complete parts catalogue as possible to ensure you can always replace any part of your Ezytrail that may need, or if you just after having some extras on hand for a big trip

Please submit your enquiry via our Web form on our SPARE PARTS page and add a photo of the part you require – This can be found under the ‘Support’ tab on our website

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