Ezytrails Top Campfire Safety Tips

  • 13 Apr

Keen to camp up with your Ezytrail Camper or Caravan this winter?

Why not plan a campfire? Here are a few top tips to help you enjoy it successfully and safely.


Although synonymous with camping, campfires aren’t always permitted wherever you go. We tend to know when there’s a Total Fire Ban but some Councils, venues or Regions may not let you light one in drought conditions, either, even if there are fire-pits onsite. Always check first.

In other times, conditions usually apply depending on where you’re camping. Do I need to bring in wood? Should I bring a portable fire-pit or are there dedicated pits where fires are only allowed? Find out first to avoid disappointment!


Now that you know you can have a campfire. Ensure the site is clear of flammables and allow at least two metres from your Ezytrail set-up (guy ropes included!).

Many campgrounds provide established fire-pits but where there’s not you can build one with large stones. Avoid river stones, though, as they can shatter due to the water content inside.

Also, choose dry, seasoned firewood and kindling. And never pour fuel onto a fire.


Campfires are a privilege that comes with responsibility. Therefore, you need to ensure an adult is always around.

Parks Victoria recommends that someone stays within 50 metres of your campfire and always remains within a line of sight.


For the safety of your fellow campers, it’s vital to know how to extinguish a fire correctly. Always extinguish with water–never soil–as the ashes can retain heat days after you’ve gone.

Parks Victoria recommends 10L, basically a standard-size bucket filled to the brim. Have water by the fire, too, if you need to extinguish it quickly.

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