Exploring secluded spots away from the crowds of caravan parks and camping grounds is a dream that remains out of reach for many people. If you’re not into hiking for hours or carrying everything you need on your back, it becomes difficult to leave the well-travelled path. That’s no longer the case with the full off road caravans for sale at Ezytrail Camper Trailers. With our off road and hybrid caravans, including off road vans for sale, you can take everything you need with you and enjoy comfort in areas that are only accessible by leaving the beaten track. Whether you’re looking for caravans for sale in Brisbane or caravans for sale in Adelaide, you’ll find the best range of off road caravans and campers right here at Ezytrail Camper Trailers. Discover our brand new off road caravans for sale today!


If you’re searching for caravans for sale in NSW, caravans for sale in SA or caravans for sale in VIC, you might already know that Australian off road caravans provide you with the ultimate in luxury camping. Easy to set up, the off road caravans for sale in Australia within our range simply have a pop top to be erected and they’re ready to go! When you enter one of our Australian off road caravans for sale, you’ll find ample space with plenty of practical storage options. Plus our slick designs are inspired by adventure and aim to bring the family together, particularly if you opt for one of our family caravans for sale. Our friendly team can also provide advice and assistance to help you choose the best off road caravan for your needs, whether you’re looking for the best family off road caravan or the best hybrid off road campers.

Our available options include:

  • Lightweight caravans in Australia
  • Off road pop top caravans for sale
  • Off road family caravans
  • 4WD caravans for sale
  • Hybrid off road caravans
  • Adventure offroad campers
  • True off road caravans
  • Caravan trailer for sale


The main difference between on road and off road caravans is what they’re made for. On road caravans are made for on-road driving, while off road caravans − as the name implies − are designed for off road explorations. Off road caravans and campers also often have fewer luxury features, although this isn’t to say they can’t still provide all the creature comforts you need. Ultimately, whether you choose an on road or off road caravan will come down to whether you want to stick to the roads or go off the beaten track.


Looking for the best caravans for sale in Australia? From off road caravans for sale in Melbourne, Victoria, through to campervans for sale in NSW and Australia wide, we pride ourselves on providing the best caravans across the country. Find the closest Ezytrail showroom to you and give our off road caravan manufacturers in Australia a call today. Our friendly team is always able to help if you want to buy an off road caravan but you’re unsure of what you need, or if you would like more information on our caravans from leading off road caravan brands. You can also click on the caravans below to learn more about the specifications and features of our off road caravans for sale in Queensland and across Australia.