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Australians love nothing more than to pack up the family and enjoy a weekend of camping in the great outdoors. Whether you prefer to go out into the bush or to your favourite surf beach, the trip is often made even better with a camping trailer in tow. Camper trailers help to make easy work of going cross country, giving you somewhere comfortable, stable and secure to rest at night. If you’re looking at luxury camper trailers for sale, you’re sure to find the perfect option among the selection available at Ezytrail Camper Trailers.

A Wide Range of Camping Trailers to Choose From

At Ezytrail Camper Trailers, we carry a broad range of camping trailers designed to make cross country travelling as comfortable as possible. Choose from:

Rear Fold Camper Trailers

This style of camping trailer comes with a hard wood floor for optimal living comfort and is quicker to set up than forward fold camper trailers. The tent opens at the rear of the camper on a hinge found at the trailer’s rear.

Forward Fold Campers

Better suited to travellers craving a well designed, well organised living space rather than just a large space for storage purposes, forward fold camper trailers are characterised by the camper floor being off the ground and a large hinge at the front which opens up the tent.

Dual Fold Campers

Striking the ideal balance between storage capacity and luxury living, dual fold camper trailers offer the comforts you crave as well as the functionality you need.

Soft Floor Camper Trailers

Soft floor camping trailers are the perfect option for trips away that are longer than just a weekend. They require more site preparation, but they boast a larger tent area, less towing weight and vinyl flooring.

Hard Floor Campers

The hard floor camping trailer is made for people who want comfort in their camper. Not only does it come with a hard floor, but it also offers running water, cooktop, refrigerator and more.

Get the Best Deals on Our Camping Trailers for Sale

Ezytrail Camper Trailers stocks only the very best camping trailers, all of which are designed and manufactured to comply with Australian standards. We also offer highly competitive prices and unsurpassed service and advice from true experts in the industry. Discover our range of camper trailers for sale today or contact us for more information.