Available Types of Camper Trailers in Australia

For many people, the next step up from tenting is purchasing a camper trailer. Camper trailers in Australia are ideal for travelling around the country. Compact and convenient, they open up to create a comfy and spacious area. Most camper trailers also offer amenities such as built-in kitchens, storage compartments and beds. They’re additionally easy to tow and can go off road due to their lightweight and durable qualities. Continue reading to learn more about the four most common types of camper trailers available in Australia.

Hard Floor

Hard floor camper trailers in Australia are easy to set up and pack away. They give plenty of storage and often come with a kitchen. Hard floor camper trailers are elevated off the ground, which essentially makes them more stable, safer and secure. In addition to the tent being easier to pack down and open compared to soft floor campers, hard floor camper trailers are also more comfortable.

Soft Floor

Soft floor camper trailers in Australia are lighter than hard floor camper trailers. They also offer more space at a lower price, making them ideal for families. The kitchen is commonly mounted on the swinging tailgate or can slide out from the rear, making it easy to make lunch on the roadside. Soft floor camper trailers can also be made to suit specific needs, including off-roading and parking at caravan parks.

Forward Fold

Forward fold campers are best suited for people who prefer organised living spaces. These trailers are characterised by a lifted floor and a large hinge at the front to open up the trailer. They take up very little space at a campsite because the bedroom sits above the drawbar. Forward fold camper trailers also provide storage under the seats.

Rear Fold

Rear fold camper trailers in Australia provide a good balance between soft floor and forward fold campers. The tent opens by a winch on the trailer’s rear, where a bed is situated opposite a hard floor resting above the ground. Set-up is relatively straightforward, however rear fold campers hold up better on flat ground.

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