10 Things to Check Before Camping: Disasters Averted

Excited for a weekend out in the great outdoors? Everyone loves to spend a weekend with loved ones hiking, fishing, and lounging in the forest or the beach. Just make sure that you are prepared to bring all your much needed gear and food for a full trip, as most camping spots are isolated from stores!

Hours of packing, hours of driving, and you have finally made it to your favorite campsite for a weekend of fun with family and friends. You are unpacking the car and discover you have left the tent poles at home, you have no ice for a long sunny weekend, and seriously did you forget to bring plates and forks as well? No fear, use this 10 item check list to make sure that you have everything you need for your campground adventures. Never be that one camper without the essential things!


10 items to check off before you drive off!

  1. Check your tent before you go. Does your little bag have everything in it? Check for poles, rainfly, tarp to put underneath, and of course the tent itself. It may soundsilly, but if you have ever gone camping, after a while, you won’t remember that the last time you were too tired and didn’t fit everything back into the tent bag. You are now attempting to assemble your tent without poles, and it is not fun.
  2. Kindling, this essential tiny bundle of wood or newspapers, can make or break your weekend out in the woods. Enjoying a warm fire is fantastic, but taking ten years to light the wood you brought along can be very frustrating. Skip the hassle and find the kindling before you go out.
  3. Bug spray. Noreally, make sure you bring along any bug repellent you have. Whether it is a spray, a candle or wipes, you will need plenty of it, unless you’re fine with slapping and itching your skin for the final 3 days of your trip.
  4. Sleep Equipment. Sleeping mats, sleeping bagsand a repair kit are essential for a comfortable night’s sleep. When you forget one of these three items you aren’t going to enjoy it.
  5. Planning on hiking in the beautiful terrain around your campsite? Make sure that you have your day pack to take all your snacks and essentials with.
  6. Water, more waterand a water purifier. When you are out in the wilderness you need to check for safe drinking water located near you. If none is around, calculate how much water you will need, based on level of exercise, heat and your body size. Then bring a filter or some pills to purify your water.
  7. Lighting is everything. Even our entry level Buckland SE soft floor camper has designated light plugs. Whether you are decorating your camp with twinkle lightsor going old school with headlamps, you need lighting for your trip.
  8. If you are using one of our trailerkitchen set ups for your delicious camp dishes, make sure to bring pots, pans and of course utensils and plates.
  9. Coffee brewer and the coffee grinds themselves. I personally have brought a week’s worth of coffee supplies for our camp stove percolator, only to arrive to the camp stove without the percolator. We had some not super pleasant cowboy style roasts. Make sure you have your coffee, your favorite fixersand something to brew with as well!
  10. Don’t leave the house without plenty of warm layers! You can have all of the gear in the world, but if you forget your toasty layers you are going to have a shivery night in your tent!

Your camping experience will be fantastic if you make sure to have all your gear before heading out the door. Don’t worry about taking all your things with you, pop over to our trailers to check out storage space options, comfortable tent set ups and kitchens! We always have a range of camper trailers for sale, suitable for your Australian outback adventures!

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