Buckland Range

We wanted to Produce...


Riding on a set of brand new 235/75/R15 tyres with a tough 50mm square axle & 7 leaf suspension dampened by 2 oil shocks we believe we’ve produced the most stable & easy to tow camper trailer to date. Whether you drive a classic Aussie Sedan or Stationwagon, SUV or Full 4WD you will barely notice the new M1 Buckland behind you. There’s a newly designed extended 100mm x 50mm RHS drawbar protruding a full 2000mm beyond the trailer box making reversing into your camp site or driveway a breeze. Lightweight aluminium checkerplate front & rear tailgate panels sitting on a full box chassis means this trailer weighs in at only 750Kg and can carry a further 750Kg of cargo with a maximum GTM of 1500Kg. The M1 Buckland comes fully braked with 10” electric brakes and depending on the model you choose either a standard swivel ball hitch or a full off road Polyblock hitch delivering peace of mind and safety for the whole family when towing.

Simon Batchelor
Production Manager (Kilsyth Branch , VIC)
M1 Buckland Off Camper Trailers feature picture 1
M1 Buckland Off Camper Trailers feature picture 2
From entry level to the pro’s...


With its trademark looks we wanted to create a Camper Trailer for entry level campers as well as the more intermediate free bush campers, throughout the Range we’ve tailored a storage solution that takes the guesswork out of where to store your stuff. The new M1 Buckland Range comes standard with 2x 4Kg gas bottle holders and 2 x 20Lt jerrycan holders just in case you need more fuel or extra water capacity, an external hand pump plumbed directly to the stainless steel water tank enables quick access to a water supply if you need to wash-up. But it’s the unwavering attention to detail and quality that leaves its mark, the newly designed extended drawbar allows for the first time the ability to mount the optional custom bike rack holder capable of holding up to 3 adult bikes in full view, much safer than current rear mounted designs. when towing.

Dean Teirney
Branch Manager (Ezytrail Brisbane)
Designed from the ground up...


It may look like any other step side Camper Trailer however looks can be deceiving, the M1 Buckland Range hides many secrets that until you look closely won’t reveal themselves, Robot Welding Technology has been used on all manufactured components giving a clean and seamless look as well as providing extreme strength. Advanced CNC laser cutting machines are used extensively throughout the construction process. These parts are assembled to our exacting CAD specifications and allow us to provide you with the most accurate engineering fitment in the industry. The most non-revealing of all technologies employed on the M1 Buckland Range is the advanced E-Coat undercoat preparation prior to the final Powdercoat Ripple Finish. E-Coat has been used in the Automotive Industry for almost 5 decades and has been proven to be far superior to galvanising. All these processes combined has provided us with the confidence to place an industry leading 5 year structural warranty* on the entire M-Series Model range.

Raymond Gillespie
General Manager (PMX, Perth)
*Limits Apply. Please visit our website or speak to our sales team for more information.
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